Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment Terms: All shipments must be paid in full prior to clearing Port of Entry Customs unless other credit terms are arranged. Invoices to the buyer will normally supersede arrival in port of entry by 1 to 2 days. Storage charges will be added to original invoice amount if not paid within 2 weeks of arrival at the Port of Entry Customs. Air shipments must be pre-paid in full prior to leaving air port in Mainland China.
  2. Prices: Prices are subject to change with prior notice. Quotations must be accepted 14 days from the original date of the quotation or new quote applies. Prices will be those that are in effect at the time of shipment or release from Port of Entry Customs.
  3. Inventory and Delivery Dates: All inventory is maintained in Mainland China. Delivery dates are approximate and are only estimates. The estimates are based on receiving accurate information from the buyer and various shipping agencies. China PacifiCarbide can not be liable for failure to meet estimated delivery dates resulting from unforeseen circumstances out of China PacifiCarbides' control.
  4. Freight: All freight costs will be paid by China PacifiCarbide unless quoted differently. China PacifiCarbide USA will determine least expensive ocean and / or ground method of shipment. Any other arrangements must be authorized in writing by China PacifiCarbide, USA, management.
  5. Quantity Delivered: China PacifiCarbide reserves the right to over or under ship specific ordered quantities. Open specified orders can be closed when the quantity shipped equals ±20% of total ordered.
  6. Packaging: Packaging will be determined by China PacifiCarbide, USA,. and shall meet the highest standards of international and domestic requirements for safe non-damaged shipments.
  7. Minimum Order Value: The minimum dollar value per purchase order must be at least $1000. Buyer can combine items on the same purchase order to achieve the minimum $1000 level.
  8. Tooling and Dies: Tooling and dies used to produce any tungsten carbide products shall remain the property of China PacifiCarbide, USA and or China PacifiCarbides’ vendor, even though such tooling may be paid in part by the buyer. Items where tooling does not exist is subject to a tooling charge. Tooling can be amortized into the price of the item or can be charged as a separate line item per quotation terms. All tooling fees are non-refundable.
  9. Scheduled Releases: Orders may be established to specific shipping schedules. Schedules are acceptable and the total ordered quantity price will apply for incremental releases. Releases can be accelerated or de-accelerated when needs warrant. Total schedule quantity ordered is non-cancelable. Scheduled releases shall not exceed 360 days to complete the entire order.
  10. Terms and Conditions: China PacifiCarbide's ability to perform on prices and delivery of goods can be controlled by unreasonable unforseen circumstances such as strikes, accidents and acts of God. For such unreasonable controls China PacifiCarbide can not be held responsible. Such occurrences can impact the delivered price of material to the buyer.
  11. Lead Time (Not including ship time): Delivery will vary according to specific items. Product may be delivered from stock or lead time that exceed 100 days. When shipments originate from the Peoples Republic of China add 3 to 5 weeks for ocean time plus (1) week of Port of Entry Customs handling.
  12. Method of Payments: Payment can be by Letter of Credit at Sight or by Demand Payment at Sight wire transferred to Bank of China. Payment by check is acceptable. When payments by check are made, the buyer must allow 5 work days to process payment prior to accessing the negotiable documents. All payments must be in USD.
  13. Resale Taxes: All re-sale licenses and certificates are proof the buyer is authorized to collect any sales taxes of their business trade area and pay the sales taxes to the appropriate collection authority before material can be shipped tax exempt; otherwise, sale taxes must be paid by the buyer.
  14. Certification: Material certification and documents for "Country Origin" are available upon buyer request.
  15. Origin of Materials: Materials and products not manufactured in the USA will be so identified and marked per acceptable government standards.
  16. Cancellation or Error Correction from Buyer: Special, non-standard items cannot be canceled or returned for exchange or credit. Standard items can only be returned after China PacifiCarbide, USA management consent is obtained. Any canceled or returned items is subject to a 25% adjustment charge. Corrections or adjustments can be arranged per the terms listed in these cancellation policies and adjustment charges apply.
  17. Guarantee Policy: Purchased product warranted to be free of defects. China PacifiCarbide or its vendors agree to replace any material proven to be defective by China PacifiCarbide’s management. China PacifiCarbide will not accept any claim for consequential, labor or damages. Determination of the extent of this guarantee is always subject to management authorization and approval of China PacifiCarbide. No oral or statutory implied warranties other than of title shall apply to the products sold by China PacifiCarbide to the buyer except as normally apply to China PacifiCarbide In No event shall China PacifiCarbide be liable for consequential or special damages pertaining to China PacifiCarbide products. Any claimed defective material must be returned at the buyers expense before being replaced by CPC. CPC will only replace that material that has been returned to CPC. CPC is not responsible to replace lost or material not returned.
  18. Inbound Duties, Dock Fees and Banking Charges: All inbound customs fees, duties, dock fees, broker fees, fork lift charges, inspection fees and licenses will be paid in full by China PacifiCarbide unless so stated. Adjustments for harmonized duty violation enforcement are buyers responsibility.
  19. Hazardous Materials Control: China PacifiCarbide agrees to accept responsibility for all the Environmental Protection Agency rulings pertaining the transfer and movement of buyers material. Tungsten carbide can contain (cobalt, nickel, iron, vanadium carbide, carbon, chrome, silicon, molybdenum, boron, tin, copper, cured epoxy resins). Tungsten carbide presents no hazard, although, in use small amounts of metal substances may be released as dust, or slurry generated from the material being cut or ground. The primary exposure hazard is from tungsten carbide being cut or ground. Precautionary steps should be taken to ensure that worker exposure to dust does not exceed appropriate PEL or TLV. Prolonged exposure to excessive amounts of dust can cause: Respiratory disease from inhalation. Skin irritation and rash from contact. Nickel and certain nickel compounds, which may be present in certain products are considered carcinogenic by NTP and IARC. For additional information refer to MSDS.
  20. Certificates of Insurance: China PacifiCarbide shall provide all normal insurance for inbound shipments. A “Certificate of Insurance” will be available with each inbound shipment if required by the buyer.