The Process...

From idea to arrival at your docks.

1.  You are looking for a manufacturing solution and inquire at CPC.
  • We discuss your project-putting in place a confidentiality agreement if applicable.
2.  CPC will evaluate your drawings or help you create them.
  • CPC utilizes state of the art CAD and Modeling programs to produce accurate drawings. We will help identify challenges and offer solutions or improvements to be consider.
3.  CPC will provide you a written quotation.
  • CPC will issue you a firm proposal, for your review, this proposal will cleary state pricing, expected delivery cycle, and all specific terms and conditions relative to your proposal.
4.  Upon acceptance we wil produce first article for your approval.
  • We send authorization to the tooling department to begin first articles.
5.  Move into production.
  • If the first articles are approved for production, we begin the production process. If changes need to be made we revised drawings and have additional samples produced. This is normally 4-6 weeks. We offer full certifications.
6.  We communicate with you during the production process.
  • We provide weekly order status reports to keep you informed of how your order is moving through the production process and advise the expected date of arrival.
7.  Shipping
  • Upon completion and inspections at our factory the product is shipped by ocean, this is a 4-6 week period. Occasionally we utilize air freight to speed the process, but this can be costly.
8.  Customs
  • We take care of a paper work, inspections and fees to get your products through Customs. Once the shipment has been released by Customs, we advise tracking information so you know exactly when the shipment will deliver
9.  Delivery
  • You unload the truck.