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bout CPC Cutting Systems

Using proven technologies from other sciences, China PacifiCarbide combines the best engineering for client applications. As the need to develop our infrastructure reaches more tenacious application, China PacifiCarbide's has risen to meet the client needs. Grinding into the most severe environments is a challenge that has brought the best tool designs to the client. Drilling, grinding, cutting, breaking, pulverizing, debarking, chipping, boring, planing, mining, and trenching are common descriptions of the tool systems that China PacifiCarbide has mastered for our clients. Nearly every system developed by China PacifiCarbide's engineers met the special client needs head on and the results are custom systems that the client uses his private label. Many of the intellectual properties developed by China PacifiCarbide have been given to the client for his own use and marketing requirements. Although, China PacifiCarbide's staff hold many US and foreign patents, the rights to their intellectual properties are passed to the China PacifiCarbide client for his use. China PacifiCarbide's success of cutting systems is solely dependant on the client's success. China PacifiCarbide does not market cutting systems direct to the client's customers.


seful Information about CPC Cutting Systems

The new frontier of cutting systems are often combinations of engineering and materials already in the public domain. The resource allocation is critical for on time and consistent supply. Having a direct supply line to the resources in China is an advantage offered to the China PacifiCarbide client. At the present the supply line of tungsten has its limits and could soon become a strategic short supply material. China PacifCarbide is working to develop techniques by more efficient use of raw material is accomplished and the re use or recycling of expended cutting systems is a vital part of the cutting system. Supplying China PacifiCarbide with your specific needs and the criteria of accomplishment, China PacifiCarbide can custom engineer systems that could be as customized as the client’s logo. Many systems in use today are the results of the work with China PacifiCarbide staff and the client's engineers.