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bout CPC Components

Today the complexity of manufactured parts require high quality. China PacifiCarbide has been a proven leader in areas of wear parts and cutter systems. Now the demand continues for China PacifiCarbide to supply the same high level of quality goods for components of other adaptable systems. China PacifiCarbide has filled this void. Machines and systems using the high quality cutter systems also require the same quality of materials to make the machines function at their highest level. Shafts, drivers, sprockets, chains, links, power transmitting, holding systems, and a myriad of accessories are necessary to keep the cutting systems running smooth.


seful Information about CPC Components

The China PacifiCarbide Advantage: Focusing on quality has brought China PacifiCarbide to the top of international parts and component suppliers. In recognition of the need for standards in the quality community, China PacifiCarbide became ISO9001 certified in 2004 and is proud to make this information know to you our client. We also implement specialized quality programs that can include 100% dimensional inspection reports. Chemical and metallurgical certifications are supplied on request. Many times samples for fit and function are required. China PacifiCarbide completely understands this and complies per the client requirements. Many outside services, like heat treating and surface preparations have been brought into our factory so more complete control can be offered to the China PacifiCarbide client. Knowing that the client parts are warranted to meet client specifications gives the client confidence and peace of mind that their product will always perform at its best using China PacifiCarbide components.e property charts that are easy to consult understand and use. See the link to our current grade properties grade chart. It is best to consult one of China PacifiCarbide’s staff for a precise recommendation for a custom problem you may be having. Choosing the correct grit or pellet combination is more of an art than a science. China PacifiCarbide has years of experience making accurate recommendations to solve client problems with hard facing. The mesh size and grain distribution determine the longevity of wear performance. See the link to mesh size selection. Snow removal requires a metal blade be in constant contact with the ground surface that is highly abrasive. China PacifiCarbide has developed a long list of standard shapes and grades of material to stop the erosion action when the blade strikes the ground.